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Emmainwsx Wed 22-Oct-14 12:51:39

Hi all, I'm completely new to mumsnet! We live in sussex at the moment but want to move west within the next year. Gillingham looks like a great location for us- halfway between the coast and my parents. My OH needs a train to London for work until he can find something local. Also I need a special needs school for my daughter and the one at Sturminster Newton looks really good. My son would need a local primary. The trouble is that as usual it seems to be much easier to find negative stuff about Gillingham than positive. Is there anyone who can tell me what it's really like?! Thanks :-)

Feminine Wed 24-Dec-14 08:13:12

Hello, l live 3 miles from Gillingham. My brother attended the school you are talking about in Sturminster. It was a great school for your daughter. You would be perfectly placed for the coast, and the London commute. If you have been basing your opinion on the local Gillingham page, rest assured, most of real life isn't like the Page! Gillingham secondary school is much sort after, and has a fabulous reputation. The villages around Gillingham are great (actually l would say nicer) it would only be a 10 minute drive from most of them. Look in to Mere, Bourton, Milton
My brother was sent on a (provided) bus to Sturminster. Pm me if you'd like.

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