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Frazzledmum12 Tue 28-May-13 19:40:25


I've just joined this website and it looks fab!
I was hoping someone might know of good groups for preschool daughter was born 1st September so misses out on starting school later this year by a day. Her preschool told me to appeal but I thought she would probably advance more quickly in school being the oldest not the youngest so she won't be starting until 2014.
Her preschool is great but I think she would like to do more. She is very keen on learning and is the most sociable little thing - completely different from what her brother was like at her age.
I'm going to enrol her in dance class but I was wondering if there are any other groups that she may enjoy? I looked at Rainbows but that isn't until she is 5. I'm not trying to be a pushy mum but I'm just very conscious that she's just as advanced as all her friends that will be starting school in September (which will be a challenge as the preschool is in the school grounds and I'm sure they won't want to be friends with a preschooler when they are at big school) so I'd like to make sure she's doing just as much fun, new and challenging activities.
Any ideas?

StarfishSarah Fri 07-Jun-13 14:15:06

Have you tried your local leisure centre? September babies seem to do really well in the swimming groups and there are new activities starting all the time. I was recently approached at the little down by a coach who was beginning a preschool badminton group.

Moors Valley does a club one morning a week, I cannot remember what it is called.

You could also do some day trips over the year, on Brown sea island you can get a free I spy sheet suitable for a preschooler, the oceanarium has activity sheets on their website that you can download then work through with her on a visit. Monkey World sell activity books for primary key stages. Lots of our local attractions have discounted entry if you keep your eye out through the year.

Let me know if you want more ideas I'm full of them!

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