Help tracing this driver please!

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MrsMcEnroe Wed 06-Mar-13 11:43:28

This will out me but I don't care .... I desperately need to contact this lady to reassure her.

Yesterday morning my yellow Labrador ran under the wheels of a car on the Overcliff in Southourne... If anyone knows (or knows someone who knows) the lady driver of the yellow Beetle, please could you let her know that Pumpkin is OK and thank her for stopping? In all the emotion of the moment I forgot to swap details with her. The dog does not even a broken bone, miraculously, although my nerves are shredded and I can only imagine how the driver must be feeling! And thank you to the passers-by who stopped to help too, I am really really grateful. Please could you share this if you can, to try to get the message to the driver? It wasn't her fault. Thank you x

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