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poundburyprincess Fri 22-Feb-13 08:03:57

I don't think they are in our area but we have found Stage Coach very good too.

Aikidokaress Sun 10-Feb-13 13:54:58

Hi, after a discussion with some of my daughters school friend mums the other day I realised that there is a wide choice of 'stage schools' that offer either after school or weekend classes in the area, yet they were unsure which offered what benefits (if any!) My daughter has attended 2 different ones, one I felt was more a group to boost confidence in her, rather than to channel energy and give her an output and focus for her artistic side (and thankfully a brilliant vocal coach so that I don't mind her singing round the house anymore! Lol). So I thought I would share my recommendation with you all from experience.

Stagewise school for the performing arts. I find it to be a relaxed an fun environment, yet still all the tutors are professional actors, choreographers, vocal coaches etc and have industry background (rather than just out of college with a performing arts qualification) so it is a real stage school. Also every child Is offered a part in their show that they put on every 2 years in the lighthouse arts centre. If you are Dorset way I would recommend it above all other ones! I think they have classes covering from age 4-18 (I know they have them in Poole, Wimborne and Bournemouth)! - when we joined they offered the first class free so we could try before committing, I think this is a permanent offer!

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