Steve Biddulph new book Raising Girls

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Ring1 Wed 02-Jan-13 09:23:07

Steve's is talking on Mumsnet and in Ringwood near Bournemouth

Mumsnet Academy - 1 day workshop

7pm Monday 14th January - an evening with the author
Ringwood Waldorf School

For twenty years, Steve Biddulph was the man to talk to about boys and their problems.

His book Raising Boys was the world?s best selling book on the subject, used in over a million homes around the world. But these days, its girls that he is worried about. ?I?d always believed that girls were going fine, and that was true back then? he explained ?But about ten years ago, girls? mental health started to plummet. Today one in five girls has a serious psychological problem during their teens. And even the average girl often hates her own body, or hates her life. Parents are at their wits? end.

With the encouragement of colleagues, Steve has come out of retirement to campaign for a better world for girls. And he is visiting Bournemouth next week to begin a tour of the UK with his new book on the subject. He?ll be speaking at the Ringwood Waldorf School on 14th January, in one of his special and moving talks which have drawn parents all over the world.

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