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sailorsgal Mon 24-Sep-12 20:41:41

Yes at the new yoga centre. smile

Ladybythebeach Mon 24-Sep-12 19:53:42


Walk on the beach sounds lovely....perfect thing to do.

I'm ok thanks, feeling a bit more uncomfortable each day smile

Am going to give yoga a go actually sailorsgal - is it in Trinity st?

sailorsgal Sun 23-Sep-12 18:46:25

There is a great yoga class for pregnancy in dorchester if you are interested. You can PM if you want details. smile

xmasevebundle Sat 22-Sep-12 00:33:59

Wow! A reply grin

Sorry i have not been on, or even replied.

Congraulations, pregnany is okay so far!
Torn stomach muscles put apart from that its been great.

How about you?

Been walking along the beach today such a mild day.

Ladybythebeach Sat 18-Aug-12 21:08:40


I am due New Years Eve and live on Portland.

How have you been feeling?

xmasevebundle Fri 03-Aug-12 15:12:52

the same time not day lol...

xmasevebundle Fri 03-Aug-12 15:12:23

i am due xmas eve and wondered if there was any mums due around the same day i live in weymouth smile xx

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