19 month toddler - moving to area, need advice!

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whalewatcher Sun 01-Jan-12 22:06:22

Hi I am moving to Dorchester in early February and am use to doing soft play or class/activity everyday. Can anyone suggest places to go or groups to join.
Any advice regarding relocation gratefully recieved.

sailorsgal Mon 02-Jan-12 17:41:36

Hi there,

Have posted on the other thread regarding toddler groups. There are also a couple of music groups such as Kindermusik and Colourstrings in the area. If you are interested in swimming there are classes at the leisure centre and at Damers School. The YMCA have parent and toddler classes on several days too. There is a indoor play area called IPLAY in Dorchester and a couple in Weymouth.

You should be able to find something to do on most days of the week. grin

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