Military style Bootcamp in Weymouth

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sailorsgal Mon 09-May-11 18:45:39

They have an offer on for the 14-21 May for £275 which includes accommodation and food in Weymouth.

BillySmart Mon 18-Apr-11 08:16:30

We are on Netmums south west, of course we can make allowances, it all depends what the problem is and how much you wouldnt b a able to do!!

sailorsgal Sat 16-Apr-11 19:00:34

also advertise it on

sailorsgal Sat 16-Apr-11 19:00:05

There is a section on mumsnet. I might be interested myself but am a bit worried about my dodgy back. Would you make allowances for that?

BillySmart Sat 16-Apr-11 16:25:08

Dont forget we have very cheap rates for non residential places on our bootcamps, next camp 30th April 7th May

BillySmart Sat 16-Apr-11 16:23:37

Where is that sailorgal?

sailorsgal Thu 17-Feb-11 20:16:58

Is that open to anyone???? You may want to post it in the Forces sweetheart section aswell.

BillySmart Thu 17-Feb-11 10:11:09

We have placed a competition on to win a 7 day residential bootcamp worth £600

sailorsgal Wed 13-Oct-10 20:38:52

This was in the local free paper this week.

Non residential is reduced to £150 for the October bootcamp which is running from October 24th-29th.

for more info go to

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