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CatCouscous Sun 07-Feb-10 19:51:44

hello all...

I have just relocated from London to Brixham!

I have been going to lots of babyclubs, but I would like to go for a coffee in town and get to know people. Let me know if there is anybody out there! I am 39 and have a 11 month old baby. (oh, and I am French

I am interested in anything artistic (I paint), plus knitting, food, reading, walking, looking at passers-by, window shopping...

clarissashaw Thu 11-Mar-10 11:45:48

Hi Cat

How you doing? You sound like an interesting type. I am also looking to hook up with like minded souls for interesting chat, (not just nappies, feeding etc. yawn.

I live in Stoke Gabriel, am 35, have a lovely 14 mth old and another due in June!

I usually go to Totnes for shopping, food etc. so am always up for a coffee, (which I shouldn't have as am pregnant, but love lots!)

I do a lot of walking, love fashion, culture, particularly live music.

Oh, and I have lived in France for a bit but still not great at the language, but do give an enthusiastic go whenever I'm there, (which seems to make the locals laugh).

Anyway give me a shout if you'd like to meet .

CatCouscous Fri 02-Apr-10 11:40:02

hello Clarissa,

I only checked this site a couple of days ago! I would be happy to meet up for coffee, or herbal tea (for you) in Totnes, let me know when you are available! I work from home, so sometimes I have a project ongoing (I am a translator), but in general I can be flexible as business can be slow. For example next Thursday I should be free... I love going to Totnes too!

We visited Stoke Gabriel not long ago, what a pretty place! (and we fed the ducks on the river bank).

Anyway, let me know for next Thursday.... and Happy Easter!


CatCouscous Mon 05-Apr-10 11:14:17

oops our car has broken down, Thursday will seem unlikely now...

clarissashaw Tue 27-Apr-10 21:02:30

Message withdrawn

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