Tumbleweeds flying around... Anyone from Torquay?

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Walnutshell Wed 27-Jun-07 19:43:32

Well, I've only been in this pretty part of the world 5 minutes (OK, 7 weeks), but as far as MN in concerned, am I all alone down here???

Still, it's nice to be the first to start a local thread and maybe I'll pop back now and then to chat with myself about the weather.

If anyone else does turn up, hello and do you have any recommendations for toddler groups etc.


Walnutshell Thu 28-Jun-07 14:03:38

Hey, I've kicked off this MN local thing. Does that make me famous? (Friendless?)

Kezbarnes1729 Tue 03-Jul-07 22:04:21

Hi Walnutshell...
I signed up this evening as Hubby is working lates at work and kids are in bed so all alone, aahhh
I am actually living in Teignmouth, Torquay was the closest local for me.
I have lived in Teignmouth for 3 years but Devon for 7, originally I am from London.
Weather, don't get me started on that!!
If you fancy a chat, hit me back!


Walnutshell Fri 06-Jul-07 13:15:53

Good afternoon Kez. Nearly got the shock of my life when I saw your post - was fully geared up for a chat with myself!

Have you just joined MN, then? (If so, welcome). I've travelled through Teignmouth a few times and will visit properly one day, very pretty there and Shaldon too of course.

I daren't complain about the weather today as we are having 24 hours of summer. Better not get used to it though...

What are you up to?

Walnutshell Fri 06-Jul-07 13:18:27

[Umm, when I said I would visit Teignmouth one day, I wasn't angling for an invite, it's just on my hitlist of places to go - so many here! Anyway:

Isn't there a nice park near the beach there...??]

loopyloowithaboo Mon 09-Jul-07 16:54:10

I live in Torquay!!

Walnutshell Tue 10-Jul-07 21:34:04

I don't believe you loopy, I don't think anyone except me has broadband here!!!!!!

storminateacup Tue 10-Jul-07 23:09:05

i live in paignton but lived in teignmouth until i was 11. teignmouth park is great as is decoy newtonabbot. more free parks the merrier as holidays are coming

Aims1 Tue 04-Sep-07 08:54:40

Hi, Have just moved to Shaldon 3 weeks ago from Spain (o don´t ask me why but definately not for the weather)!! Anyway I have a 9 month old biy Zak and we are looking to make some new friends, we don´t know the area at all but would love to meet up with other mums and kids from the area.

Actually weather quite nice today

Whitesox Wed 16-Apr-08 16:00:29

Dear All, I've not long arrived here myself (last July) from SE London. Finding it tough to meet people. Will be much easier when the kids start school no doubt. Not sure if it's handy for you Walnutshell but there is a really nice toddler group at St Paul's Church hall on the Torquay Rd. Mondays 0930-1130, £2 per head. It's v friendly and has been a bit of a lifeline for me being able to amuse my 2 boys (15m and 3y) every Monday morninggrin! Has a great pre-school too.

Whitesox Wed 16-Apr-08 16:05:51

Walnutshell, I've only just noticed the date of your post (doh) - you're probably well sorted by now! Hope sosmile

Walnutshell Fri 16-May-08 12:05:23

Hello Whitesox, sorry I haven't greeted you before - the local board for Torquay has been deserted for so long that I rarely visit! Yes, thanks, I have settled in very well, entirely due to some great people I have met through a toddler group here - CAT me for details if you like and we can meet up there.

Your group sounds nice, I might give it a try as have alternate Mondays free. Hope you are feeling a bit more settled now but do get in touch if you want to. I'll check back here more regularly. smile

emmas1970 Mon 26-May-08 20:22:18

Hi any mums still around the Teignmouth area, nothing seems very recent!!! Just moved here a few weeks ago with my 3 girls, aged 3 and twins 13 months, feeling a bit friendless and lost!!! Would love some info on groups etc or just a chat!

Walnutshell Fri 27-Jun-08 15:42:21

emmas, have you discovered the Torbay Twins Club? I know not everyone with twins likes this sort of exclusivity, but I do know some people who go and it's very friendly and supportive.

Agree the local threads in Torquay aren't really getting anywhere! Hope you are settling in.

emmas1970 Wed 02-Jul-08 10:08:21

Thank you for replying, nice to know someone is around!! Found a great twins club in Dawlish which is nearer to me but thanks for info. Settling in?, well getting there, just takes a bit of time doesn't it for people to start chatting. Loving it by the sea though when the sun comes out!

Walnutshell Thu 03-Jul-08 17:20:20

Hi, yes, June has been a fab month here, we love it. Gorgeous again today too! smile

JSB2008 Thu 25-Sep-08 14:41:04

Hello all. I have just moved back to Torquay after 12 years. There is a good group in Babbacombe at Furrough Cross Church hall called Tigger Tots Wed 10-11.30am. Very friendly.

It can be hard to meet people here but I have met some very nice ladies at the above playgroup and at Plainmoor swimming pool. They do lessons for little ones on Tue & Thurs and you only have to pay for yourself to go in the pool - and there is a creche too. I think it starts at 10am for under twos and then another session for over twos at 10.30am.

I am always up for meeting new people so please message me back.grin

nanjl76 Thu 09-Apr-09 11:32:38

Hi fellow Torbay folk... hope you are all well! smile

Titchvic Sat 19-Dec-09 11:26:01

Hi all. I guess its a bit late to post on here and you're all sorted? Anyway, will givei t a try and see if anyone reads this! I have a 2yr old boy and am pregnant due inFeb - it just seemed so much easier to meet people wo were also pregnant 1st time round but this time there seems to be no clubs or anything where I can catch up with people who are also due to go through all that pain again!!!
Anyway, any clues on antenatal clubs or even a toddler group in Torquay would be good.
Hope everyone is doing well
take care xx

jlbmummy Wed 03-Mar-10 10:49:46

Hi everyone, Im new to this site. Does anyone still go on these pages? Been a long time since anyone posted anything on here! I have 3 daughters aged 10, 6 and 5 months.

abbe81 Thu 18-Mar-10 18:36:04

Hi there,im 29 and in torquay, 2 kids a boy and girl, 4 and 3yrs, its my first time on here, im hoping to expand my social circles and make new mates for the kiddies, drop me a message if u fancy a play day.

Mummytoaprincex Wed 21-Jul-10 16:27:30

Hi, I'm 20, live in Paignton, got a little boy who is 7 months. We would love to meet othewr mums and little ones for play days or just a good adult conversation lol. message me if you're interested :-) its been ages since someone posted on here lol

moajab Sun 15-Aug-10 09:02:23

Hi, if anyone is still looking for Toddler groups in Torquay can I recomend St Marychurch Toddler group at the church hall Mondays and Fridays 10.30 - 11.45 and All Saints Parent and Toddler group at All Saints, Babbacombe church hall Tuesdays 1pm - 3pm. Both groups are £1.50 including refreshment and run term time only so worth checking out from week beginning Sept 6th. Sure Start also run lots of groups in Torquay, which usually run all year.

RoxieP Tue 09-Nov-10 11:29:53

Hi! I moved back down to Newton Abbot recently - I grew up in Paignton and went to school in Torquay, but then lived in London, then Manchester and have just returned after about 10 years away! I am 30+6 weeks with my first - a girl. I also don't really have any friends who are pregnant right now so it would be nice to get to know other local girls who are in the same boat! I do have lots of family and my dp down here at least but most of my old friends live elsewhere now! Does anybody know of anything good going on in Newton Abbot - classes/groups etc? Also I have been meaning to go to a pregnancy yoga class that I found out about in Totnes (only local one I could find) but still haven't got round to it!

GloriaG Fri 04-Mar-11 20:55:30

Hello out there. I'm actually on my own (have been through tons) bringing up older children, in Torbay, and wonder if there are some slightly older (lone?) parents to exchange a few words with..?

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