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KatieB1920 Sat 04-Mar-17 20:53:56

Hi ladies,
I'm a Devon girl but recently moved back from Australia with my hubby and kids after living there for 8 years.
We had a super healthy and outdoor lifestyle in Oz, and want to try to find a place that is a health hub. We are staying in east Devon with family at the moment, but need to find somewhere asap as the kids have to start school next term, and we don't even have a school for them yet!!! SO STRESSED!
My hubby needs to get to Bristol as he's a Freelancer, so we can't really move West or too far south.
Thank you for your help, i'm a mum on the edge at the moment. xxx

EggFlipped Mon 06-Mar-17 19:05:00

Cycle track to Lympstone/Topsham/Exeter or towards Budleigh for cycling/running/walking.
Seafront for running/scooting/cycling etc.
Beach for swimming. Also volleyball. Rowing.
Rugby club.
Football club.
Cricket club.
Decent indoor swimming pool
Sports centre.
Tennis centre.
Golf in Budleigh Salterton.
Phear Park is a great outdoor space.

There's probably a lot more. I don't even live there.

EggFlipped Mon 06-Mar-17 19:07:24

Exmouth Harriers seem to be very good if you're into running.
Woodbury common and the coastal path are great for walking

Acorn44 Mon 20-Mar-17 21:04:09

Taking schools and access to M5 into account, I'd suggest villages to East of Exeter - beach and moor both close by. Lots of great cycle paths on Exe. Woodbury, Golf and Country and David Lloyd nearby for indoor sports.

user1488630001 Fri 14-Apr-17 07:17:15

Hi, we are moving to the Barnstaple area from Oxfordshire due to husband's work. We know a little about Braunton but apart from that are clueless on where to live. We have an 8yr old boy and 2yr old girl. It would be easy for us to be swept away by the idea of living near the beautiful coastline, but ultimately, we would like to be a part of the community, where there are children for ours to play with (not too rural), good schools, and if it were close to the sea so much the better! I would really appreciate any advice especially from anyone who made a similar move themselves, thanks

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