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abiyellowrose Mon 30-Jan-17 21:39:21

Hello there. I'm a mum of two little boys and I've just moved to Brixham from County Durham in the North East of England. I don't really know anybody yet and would live to hear about fun things to do with my boys (8 and 5) as well as ways to connect with other mums. For example, at the minute, I'm looking for a hairdresser and could do with some recommendations (for me, not the boys!). Thank you! Xxx

PoodlePoo Tue 31-Jan-17 20:33:25

Welcome to Devon!
I'm afraid I'm not from Brixham so can't help you with the details you're after, but I keep seeing your thread pinned on my active list and didn't want it to go unanswered! I do like Brixham though. They have a brilliant annual pirate festival which I think tends to be in May. That, eating at Rockfish and staying/walking at Berry Head is pretty much the sum total of my experiences of the town.
Have you managed to meet anyone from your DSs' school?

abiyellowrose Fri 03-Feb-17 20:10:35

Thank you for replying! It's early days but I will find my way round eventually. I'm really looking forward to the summer. Xxx

vl9608 Mon 13-Feb-17 09:12:26

We moved to Newton Abbot in August last year, from Surrey. I feel your pain with the hairdresser!! I haven't been since we moved and have no idea which ones are good!! 😀
I have a little boy who is just seven, and although he has made friends, I am finding it more difficult, if you fancy meeting up with the boys for an afternoon, then message me and perhaps we could get together, for a playdate for them and coffe and chat for us 😀xx

Brixhambelle Tue 07-Mar-17 22:43:17

Hi as the name suggests I'm from Brixham. I have used Max Moda in the past but really like Blue hair in China Blue in Totnes. I don't have little children anymore as mine is all grown up but happy to answer anything I can and know plenty of people with little ones.

Alison1984 Sat 22-Jul-17 03:00:48

I'm alison I'm 33 I've got 3 children 2 boys aged 8 & 11 & a daughter who's 19. I moved to brixham 3 yrs ago and would love to meet up for a coffee

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