Taking buggies on the train in Devon - experience/advice?

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MikePB Thu 26-May-16 12:31:01

As well as being a proud/tired dad of one, part of my job (in the not-for-profit sector) is to encourage young families to take the train in Devon and Cornwall.

I've made a little video and webpage about taking little ones on nearby day trips by train. Before we launch it, it would be great to get the views of local parents about it.

Do the video and webpage match with your own experience of taking children on the train locally? Is there anything we've missed?

The video is here:

The webpage that the video will link to is here:

Any feedback would be great.

Thanks very, very much!


Mike Parker-Bray
Devon & Cornwall Rail Partnership

beckslovestimmy Thu 26-May-16 12:39:33

Great idea we love using the train and DD has such fun looking out the window. I live in Devon and use the train regularly. Not sure how realistic your video is. Where are the other passengers?? It might be an idea to add in a bit about folding the buggy to store it. People regularly place it in the space for wheelchairs with the child still in it (or full of shopping) and then get nasty if they are asked to fold it for a wheel chair or if other passengers or the guard wants/needs to get through. You could maybe add in a bit about it being much cheaper than other options of travel. I can get into town for £1 on the train if I bus it's more that £3 and car parking is about £3 too. Great work

beckslovestimmy Thu 26-May-16 12:46:13

Sorry ignore me, I only looked at the video first I see you've covered my other points on the webpage. Great, clear info m. Well done.

MikePB Thu 26-May-16 13:22:44

Thanks for the feedback - really helpful. Good point about it often being cheaper than the bus or car parking - I've just added this to the webpage.

We'll mainly be promoting it on Facebook, and when the video finishes playing there will be a big link in the centre of the video to 'Learn more' which takes you to the webpage, so hopefully that should do the trick.

(Agree that the video alone doesn't answer all the angles, and needs the additional info with it).

All the best,


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