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Sweetpea72 Tue 26-Apr-16 10:40:32

Hi all! I have just moved to a village in mid Devon, close to Crediton and would love to meet some other Mums in the area. My little boy is nearly 9 months old and I am a nice friendly person if a bit shy. Are there any other mums in the area with similar aged babies that would like to meet up? Maybe go to some classes together? Are there any good groups or classes for 9 month olds? I can't seem to find much going on in Crediton! :-/

ShyCharles Wed 27-Apr-16 14:46:17

My children are quite a bit older than yours but the Crediton children's centre used to run lots of stuff like Fire tots at the fire station. Also the library and Baobab cafe have things on for little ones. There is a Facebook page Crediton Mums which might also be helpful.

Sophiethemusiclady Wed 27-Apr-16 21:52:13

Hi, I live near Crediton with a 5 and 2 year old. I help run a lovely baby & toddler group in Newton St Cyres on a Wednesday morning (Newton Nappies), and I also run music classes for little ones on Fridays in Crediton (musicwithsophie on Facebook) - hoping to do a babies session at the Baobab cafe next week.

Baobab is lovely and has lots of activities. If you're breastfeeding there's also BIBS, run by the children's centre. Aquatots swimming and Jumping Jacks at Lords Meadow sports centre. And lots of the surrounding villages have toddler groups - Copplestone, Sandford, bow, Morchard bishop and I'm sure others I've forgotten!

AndrewVaccari Wed 08-Mar-17 11:50:01

Dear Parents,
I am a father of two children at Queen Elizabeth's Academy Crediton (QE) and I am a co-opted governor at the school. I am trying to inform as many parents as possible with children at both primary and secondary school age in the crediton and mid Devon area about a forth coming parent/carers council meeting to discuss QE joining the proposed Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust.
Very important if you can make it.
Parent Council meeting on Monday 13th March 2017 in the library on the Western Road Campus at 6pm.
The proposed Multi Academy Trust is up for discussion and this is an opportunity for you as parents to ask questions and get the pros and cons of a The Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust (DMAT).
Some parents will have children at primary and secondary schools and so the future of QE (in a DMAT or out of a DMAT) will effect students now and for future students of QE.
Please share and tell as many parents as possible your input is vital and needed. Thank you.

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