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dlpdenise Sun 17-Jan-16 01:04:38

Hi we are hoping to move to Brixham in the summer. Just wondered if anyone has any advice about the area my son is 7years old. I am originally from Exeter but have lived in Hertfordshire for the last 9years. Thanks any advice would be great smile

moortosea Sun 17-Jan-16 23:56:09

Amazing place,

The sailing club at Stoke Gabriel will help him get to know lots of children, and get loads of qualifications. the surf school at Bigbury will get him surfing, and he will meet lots of local children, best local school, and great for you to watch, venus cafe and the island. Dart rock will get him all his NICAS and he will meet local children.

These three skills are what you need to make the most of growing up in one the most fun countryside ever, and means when they are teens they are too busy having wholesome fun to get into mischief. He will want to familiarise himself with the place as nearly all birthday parties are held here, and it's great fun.

You might enjoy Totnes market.

I'll try and think of some more.

dlpdenise Mon 18-Jan-16 08:00:17

Wow! Thank you so much that's great advice will definitely look into those it will be a great help to get him making new friends especially as such a big move for him thank you x

moortosea Mon 18-Jan-16 14:48:01

I have found that it is really important for children in this area to make core friends outside the school environment, it stops the school friendship balance becoming all encompassing.

It really helps when they start secondary school here as everyone tends to spread out or meet up.

I just thought of another great one, and he is the perfect age(5 to 18), SAMM is the saturday morning music school in Totnes, where children from all over come together to play music, you pay a really small fee a term and your child can join in so many different music classes, junk bands, drumming, all types of guitar, jazz, singing, folk, totally brilliant teachers, individual lessons available, suits beginners to expert.

All the children love it as they are around other children finding music cool, they do an afternoon concert once a term, they all become accomplished at public performance,mine though never going to be top musicians have really benifited and gained a lot of confidence and it's very laid back. Lots of children that have gone through have gone onto spectacular music careers and scholarships (the teachers arrange it very cleverly so all levels play together, so they find themselves getting good by accident)

It really gives them a huge grounding in music, he can try out the different classes and find what suits him.

Once he has made friends and sorted out his change over between classes, you can spend an enjoyable morning in the many coffee shops, saturday market of Totnes. It's all parent run so when you hang out you will meet lots of people.

moortosea Mon 18-Jan-16 14:49:26

Oh and you can try it for free for a few sessions.

dlpdenise Mon 18-Jan-16 16:01:08

Wow thanks great advice they sound great x

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