Selling a ton of things :)

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Tivvygal Tue 22-Sep-15 22:34:11

Not entirely sure if this is allowed or not so please delete this thread if it is not appropriate!

I have two toddlers and an older child and I have a lot of things just sat in my garage waiting to be sold (prams, car seats, a highchair, reusable nappies, clothes, baby walkers, etc) if anyone is at all interested please just send me a message smile

Many thanks!

LocalEditorDevon Wed 23-Sep-15 13:34:30

We have the selling page if you would like to add your items on there? Nearly New


Tivvygal Fri 25-Sep-15 13:42:51

Thank you I will have a look smile

Mullin Mon 23-Nov-15 12:29:35

Hi Everyone,

Cheeki Monkeys Ivybridge is holding its first indoor Baby & Children's market on the 19th December at The Watermark.

If you would like to book a stall you can now do so here -!devon-ivybridge/chxr

Craft and business stalls are also very welcome!

Here are the full event details -

If you would like to come and pick up some bargains before Christmas then we'll look forward to seeing you there

Please also join our Facebook group

Thank you x

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