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Dodie88 Fri 20-Mar-15 13:55:44

Hello - Myself, husband and 4 year old twin boys are moving from London to Newton Abbot in June this year. We are very excited but are taking a leap of faith as we don't know Newton Abbot (other than the one visit where we found the house we are buying) or Devon in general! All we know is that Devon is beautiful and seems to offer everything we want for our family.

The boys need to start in reception in September 2015 and I have to apply for a primary school by this Monday 23rd March (to get in the second round applications; we registered for London schools in January before we planned the move). I need advice on primaries, please! ANYTHING would be useful!

We are in the catchment for Decoy primary school. This has a requires improvement Ofsted but that doesn't put me off and I have spoken with the school and it sounds great. Does anyone have children that go or friends that go who could advise me on how they find it? Also, if anyone has any other experiences of schools nearby e.g. Bradley Barton, Canada Hill, Wolborough or Bearnes? Canada Hill sounds amazing but would we be too far away from it (house is near Decoy Park in Newton Abbot)? I'm not sure how over-subscribed schools are.

Also happy to get any general reassurance about living in Newton Abbot! It seems so well connected and in a great position; what is it like to live there? I don't know anyone who lives there - hoping to be able to meet people easily and make other mum friends?

Many thanks.

DevonMummy1 Mon 23-Mar-15 11:37:22

We live in Newton Abbot.
I believe that if you live in the town then the rules are quite strict as to which schools you can go to as a lot of them are over subscribed sad

I've heard great things about Canada Hill but again you would need to live closer. I've also heard that Decoy is over subscribed so I'd contact them asap. Bradley Barton is also over subscribed. sad
In short we need a new primary school in Newton Abbot!! Especially with all of the new houses being built.

We chose to send ours to a school out of Newton Abbot in the next village along as they have a low intake from the surrounding area and it is an amazing school with a great reputation.

We moved down to Devon 4 years ago from the South East and are loving life down here.

Hope the move goes well smile

Dodie88 Mon 23-Mar-15 13:39:36

Thanks DevonMummy- very helpful! Great to hear that you are loving life there.

Cbeebiesruinsmyday Tue 14-Apr-15 12:41:03

You are very unlikely to get into Canada Hill or Decoy as they are usually very oversubscribed. I am only slightly out of the catchment for Canada Hill and I was more than 20th on the list when I tried to get my dd1 in there 2 years ago! Apparently there were siblings that didn't even get in. Although I have heard that this year is a smaller intake than normal so you may have a chance, especially with decoy being downgraded at ofsted. Both Bearnes and Woolborough are very tiny little schools, not much outdoor space and right in the centre of town. Personally I wouldn't go for either of them.
Good luck x

Dodie88 Fri 17-Apr-15 19:27:26

Thanks CBeebiesruinsmyday. Much appreciated feedback. We've actually found out today that we got in at Decoy. Many thanks x

Cbeebiesruinsmyday Sat 18-Apr-15 16:43:33

That's great. Good luck with the move xx

Meandmyboys15 Sun 31-May-15 20:23:06

Hello Dodie88,

Hope the move is going well. We have moved from Berkshire to Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot about a month ago, with the hubby and our 2 sons (1&4). We are loving it, and starting to settle in.

I am just now desperately trying to find groups/meet up's for my 4 year old in particular who needs some social interaction before starting school in Sept! Unfortunate timing in terms of taking him out of his pre-school and moving down here! He is coping well, but I can tell he needs to be interacting with other children. He loved his pre-school!

Anyway, if after your move, you fancy meeting up, just let me know! smile xx

DevonMummy1 Mon 01-Jun-15 13:47:53

Hi Meandmyboys15

Have you tried the group at Rydon Village Hall (Kingsteignton) called Kilts? It runs every Tuesday morning and is a lovely group. We use to go ourselves.

Dodie88 Tue 18-Aug-15 15:39:39

Hi Meandmyboys15 - sorry just checked back here by chance and saw your message. We are now in Newton Abbot and yes, it would be great to meet up. My boys would love to meet someone else their age. PM me if you want to exchange details.

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