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helpmeornot20 Mon 10-Nov-14 23:38:29

my child is now 13 years old and in year 9 schools have failed him and head of school has also said this in meetings but she does not know what else to do with him. some of his difficulties are,
he displays attention seeking behaviour positive or negative attention this prevents him from learning.
Difficulty paying attention.
problem with remembering what he has been told.
difficulty in understanding things for example time, and maths his math teacher said he could not focus long enough to grasp concepts.
Difficulty in seeing the consequences of his actions which cause risk taking behaviour.
Poor judgment.
Impulsive behaviour.
Poor problem solving skills.
He shows immature behaviour and has difficulty getting on with others in school as they are fed up with his behaviour.
He has gravitated towards older children which can influence him or take advantage.
He appears to suffer from absences, where his eyes glaze over and he doesn't appear to be taking anything in.
He is at the moment being tested for epilepsy but as the school have said this can not count for all of his problems.
Mum in distress and asking for help and advice this has been going on since year r he's now in year 9

MouseHouse1 Thu 13-Nov-14 11:05:25

I just watched this amazing film. Obviously I have no idea of your circumstances or if this is even possible for you, but have you ever thought of Home Education? There are a lot more people doing these days so you can arrange meet ups and avoid the socialising problems that there used to be.
Watch this film it is quite inspiring.

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