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MrsAston Tue 11-Mar-14 22:54:49

Hi, I am looking for advice on places to live so my hd can be near the hospital, we don't want to be too far away so he isn't commuting too far. We have a 7 month old so I would like to be within reach of places/groups to entertain us. So far looking at some parts of Torquay, and teignmouth but would love to hear some views on other areas that might suit as well as thoughts on areas of Torquay that might be right. Thanks

LocalEditorDevon Sun 16-Mar-14 19:19:11

Hi Mrs Aston, thank you for stopping by. We have a great group of Mumsnetters in your area - so I've popped a request on Facebook in the hope some mums will step forward and offer you some advice...Sorry for delay. Hope the search is going well. x

EggFlipped Sun 16-Mar-14 19:26:05

Hi MrsAston
My DH commutes from Shaldon to Torbay & it's an easy drive.
Shaldon is great for young families. There's a play park, beach, toddler group, pre-school & primary school. The Den in Teignmouth is close enough for a bigger park - it's easy to get the ferry or bus over if you don't drive. There are also pubs, cafes & restaurants in Shaldon & buses to Torquay & Teignmouth.
Teignmouth is another good place to live. The Den, plenty of baby & toddler groups etc. also has the train to Exeter when the line is fixed.
Another place to consider would be Newton Abbot.

DevonMummy1 Tue 18-Mar-14 21:23:58

I think EggFlipped has covered most of the places. Newton Abbot would be a good place once they have completed the link road to Torquay. There's loads of groups and events going on there. x

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