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Moohaha Wed 28-Nov-12 16:58:15

Hi, I'm moving to Devon with my husband and 15 month old little girl in May next year, and wanted to find out a bit more about it.

We're looking at either around Exeter or Plymouth, depending on my husband's work.

I'll be working from home, so it would nice to be able to meet people other ways. We won't know anyone in the area.

Are they friendly places for newbies? What's good to do with a toddler? And is it easy to get good/trusted babysitters for the occasional night out?

Any help/advice gratefully received! Many thanks!

CiderPunk Sat 01-Dec-12 17:37:44

Hi Moohaha! I know Exeter better than Plymouth, so I'm biased! There's lots for toddlers to do in the city, particularly at the museum and the Phoenix (arts centre).

If you decide to live outside of the cities then I recommend being somewhere on a trainline, as Devon roads are prone to traffic jams, tractors and flooding - however if you are looking for a rural idyll to hide away in then perhaps being hard to reach is what you're after! There are some very family-friendly towns along the coast with good links - Topsham, Lympstone, Exmouth, Dawlish & Teignmouth are all close enough to commute easily each day.

Moohaha Mon 03-Dec-12 09:41:53

Hi CiderPunk,
Thanks for your reply. We're not sure whether we'd prefer the city or a smaller town, so it's good to have a starting point of some of the towns that are nice.

Hope you haven't been affected by the flooding. My heart goes out to anyone who has.

BendyMum15 Mon 11-Feb-13 21:43:45

Hi Moohaha
My husband and I moved to Devon a couple of years ago and have settled in well just outside Crediton. I come from Devon but after living in Cardiff for a good few years decided to move back. Hubby works from home so he could work pretty much anywhere. We originally wanted to live in Exeter but the house fell through at the last minute and so we ended up looking further away but still within easy reach of Exeter because I work there. I found out I was pregnant not long after we moved and I found there is plenty to do either in Exeter or Crediton and Okehampton.
I originally come from South Devon and Plymouth used to be where I would go shopping and personally I prefer Exeter. Plymouth isn't horrible or anything, I just think Exeter reminds me more of Cardiff!
Hope you find somewhere nice!

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