Brilliant children's activity, Dart rock.

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quoteunquote Thu 16-Aug-12 14:11:39

Just wanted to recommend Dart rock climbing school,

Totally brilliant for children and adults, my children love the children's club and have been making good use of the indoor walls in the wet weather, you can also do the outside classes,

Just off the A38, at Buckfastleigh, It's great watching your children's confidence grow really quickly,good coffee, after the two hour children's club, you will not hear a peep out of your children for the rest of the day, and they inhale any food you serve for dinner.

I do recommend hiring the climbing shoes, as it makes it much easier for them, you can buy children's climbing shoes cheaply on ebay if you decide to go often, but you do need to try sizes on as climbing shoe sizes are funny.

Dart rock

Funniest moment this week, very small girl at the top of a climb, shouts down to her father, "this is the bit you couldn't do dad, isn't it?"

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