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bagelmonkey Tue 29-May-12 08:00:56

It doesn't seem like there's much activity in here, but I'll ask anyway.
We're moving to Torquay/Newton Abbot area with our 16 month old. Can anyone recommend any parks/soft play/other places to go? What about nice places to eat?

belindarose Tue 29-May-12 08:08:16


There's a great new 'Playcafe' at the gym club in Torquay, near the Willows retail park. Nice cheap food and a big gym to play in with ride ons, books etc. Clean too! Tumbling Teds in NA is little but great for younger toddlers. A bit of soft play, slides, cars and houses to play in. Bear feet, also Newton, is quite a big soft play. It's okay.

Beaches, of course. Decoy park in Newton has a brilliant playground (wondering if sprinklers will be on this year - we'ew not under a hosepipe ban). Also a lake there to walk round. Stover country park nice for a walk and tricycle or pushchair. Lots of other good playgrounds in Newton and some good children's centres. Fab playground in Teignmouth.

Saw this in active conversations - the local section isn't used much!

bagelmonkey Tue 29-May-12 12:42:53

Thanks belindarose!
I'd noticed the tumbleweed, so wasn't particularly optimistic about getting a response.

Spongeroberta Wed 30-May-12 20:03:04

Hello, it can be a bit tumbleweedy in here so I've noticed, just wanted to pop by and say hi x

quoteunquote Tue 05-Jun-12 19:29:19

get a paighton zoo membership, they have a small soft play, but you soon get your money worth as you repeatedly, plus there are lots of animals to look at.

quoteunquote Tue 26-Jun-12 19:12:44

second the paighton zoo membership, once you have it, you can just pop in for short bursts, and you can arrive an hour before the doors open to non members.

the zoo club great when they get a little older, mine got to see lots of baby animals before they went on display to public, as well as seeing some being born.

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