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Boop1988 Sun 06-Nov-11 18:21:49

hey im new to mumsnet, im 24 on 3rd January and expecting my second baby on the 30th January, i also have a 3 year old little girl called Skye.

how is everyone?

Loobyloo69 Wed 09-May-12 11:50:29

Hi! Anyone in Torbay and surrounds interested in befriending a 42 yr old single mum to 3 children aged 6, 13 and 14?

Spongeroberta Wed 30-May-12 20:01:24

Hi, I'm Clare, 34 and in Newton Abbot with a 6 year old son. Interested in meeting new friends. Had a bit of a tough time recently and looking to meet some new peopl smile

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