visiting Derby from the US

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cubbymama Sun 20-Jul-08 05:55:16

Hello Mums in Derby, I'm going to be visiting the area for a week with DS while DH is working in town. I wanted to ask anyone on this thread if they can suggest things for my 22 month old son and I do to while we are there. I believe we are staying in a hotel within the city. If there are any websites or references that you can suggest for fun things to do either in the area or close to the area, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for your time.

AvenaLife Tue 22-Jul-08 00:53:48

Markeaton Park is close to the ciy centre, this is down Ashbourne Road, there's a childrens play area, ducks to feed, a train, a paddling pool when it gets hot, bouncing casles, donkey rides, a cafe, there's also several soft play centres around but it depends on how far you are willing to go. There's a swimming baths in the ciy centre aswell. It's probably easier for you to get a map rather then email's, most things are very central. Where abouts are you staying?

cubbymama Thu 31-Jul-08 02:43:15

Sorry it's taken a while to write back. We've been trying to get things together for the trip. We are staying in the city centre. I'm not familiar with the roads yet, but I'm sure that a map will probably help.
Markeaton Park sounds wonderful. I'm sure my son would love it! Thanks for the information. I saw online that there is a library near there. We go to the library here to listen to a story hour for young children. Is there anything like that there?

AvenaLife Fri 01-Aug-08 18:28:17

I think there is, I'll take ds tomorrow and have a look for you. There's a museum above the library, they sometimes do activities there so I shall have a look. Do you have a date when you are coming over so I can tell you what's going on for that week?

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