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avenanap Fri 23-May-08 12:44:57

I hope you are all well. How's the allotment?
Do you and your little ones fancy meeting up next week? smile

jes74 Sat 24-May-08 12:17:58

we are fine, had busy week kieran was 8 yesterday and niav 2 on tursday so lots of birthday cakegrin. i have my sister and niece here for the week, does j do girls? we were looking at going to markeaton park if the weather is ok one day in the week.
the allotment is rather neglected at moblush

jes74 Sat 24-May-08 12:18:30

how is school going?

avenanap Sat 24-May-08 18:59:12

Wish them a happy birthday from us smile, lots of cake left over for you then wink! Markeaton Park sounds good. We're planning on spending alot of the week there (as cheaply as possible). Any day except Thursday and Tuesday afternoon.

School's going alot better since I complained. I'm counting down the days until the summer holiday though. How's things with you?

jes74 Sat 24-May-08 20:14:41

well wednesday would be good weather permitting of course. summer holidays i cannot waithmm. Glad school is going ok for j.
life here is as chaotic as ever but fun, k is looking forward to seeing j again. Excuse spelling etc feeding as ever!!

avenanap Sat 24-May-08 22:30:21

grin. Wednesday sounds good for us. Be hankful your kids don't get 8 weeks off like J! At least his new school goes back a bit earlier.

jes74 Sun 25-May-08 00:46:42

i see your still up not jus me then

jes74 Tue 27-May-08 23:07:46

so still up to the park if the weather is not bucketing it down?

avenanap Thu 29-May-08 20:04:40

Sorry. I've been taking it easy, I've had a fluey bug so I've been infectious and my dad died on Monday. Another crap half term! Hope you are all OK. smile

avenanap Mon 23-Jun-08 14:15:22

Are the little ones feeling better Jes?

jes74 Tue 24-Jun-08 00:25:28

yes thankfully just the monster with a cough for now. and no one can be ill today as its my birthday. I shall phone to sort meeting up, is your young man on hols soon? hope you are well and free from uni stuff x

avenanap Tue 24-Jun-08 13:01:37

Happy birthday!!! smile.

He breaks up next friday (thank god!) Head's kicked a family out for not having the same views (apparantly), others have been leaving in droves.
We're OK. I've been given extensions on my Uni work so that I'm not bogged down. I hope your lot are well. Are they looking after you?

jes74 Wed 25-Jun-08 18:03:10

i had a very nice birthday thank you with lots of pampering, my lot are well thankfully as we have had a couple of months where they have caught anything going.
the school sounds worst than ever at least he is nearly finished
if the weather stays nice perhaps we could meet up at the park as the boys would love too have someone other than n to play with.
hope the uni work is going oksmile

avenanap Wed 25-Jun-08 21:54:40

This sounds good to me smile. Uni works at a standstill whilst I help my sister find out what my dad did with 4k from the bank. ARGH!

jes74 Wed 25-Jun-08 22:23:37

ouch that cannot be much fun x

avenanap Fri 27-Jun-08 12:04:08

I've sorted it. Just got to put in a complaint about how my dad's branch handled it. When do you want to have a coffee?

Veggiemummy Wed 02-Jul-08 17:26:03

hello i finally managed to find this thread (thanks avenanap) i'm new to the area moved here from London in Feb have a DS just shy of 3 yrs, i quite like it here but don't know many people and as i am now 16 weeks pregnant haven't been able to get into casualwork due to apparent training requirements (don't even get me started). I prefer being a sahm anyway. would be nice to join you for any meet up etc, i am around central Derby but have transport so can get to anywhere.

avenanap Wed 02-Jul-08 22:11:15

smile. You don't want to work for the NHS, it's more like slavery.

Can do coffee with child and nintento ds in tow!

jes74 Wed 02-Jul-08 22:26:23

hello veggiemummy avenanap guided you here did she? im in chaddesden and am always keen on meeting up although at the moment i seem to be lacking in time to do anything, if you read the local threads you can see i have 4 lovely dc the youngest being 7months and my only daughter who is just 2, i moved last may from watford and still feel very new to the areasmile

avenanap hope you and j are fine and looking forward to fridaygrin would love to meet up but seem to be tied up throughout weekdays at mo with sportsdays etc so when during the weekends are you around thinking nice weather and markeaton park possibly.

perhaps we could all meet up at the park one day soonsmile

Veggiemummy Wed 02-Jul-08 22:30:29

oh i know i'm glad to be out now, 10 years with the NHS has been enough but a little casual work would have been nice, oh well love being a sahm, at london i did a little casual work after i gave up permanent work completely but now as i am proper housewife i'm gonna grow my nails long oh and get my nose pierced (well once i've had this baby anyway).

i can do coffee next week just not mon or tues

Veggiemummy Wed 02-Jul-08 22:36:41

oh hi Jes nice to meet you, i know i should know where chaddesden is but really not sure. Anyway everything seems so close and easy to get to. I love Markeaton park it's amazing, we have been on that steam train about 100 times already, my ds is train made. we have had friends visit from Derby who were sceptical of how we would survive outside London (you know what Londoners are like) and we take them and their kids to markeaton and they are so jealous. It just needs a really really good cafe.

avenanap Thu 03-Jul-08 14:45:59

Hi Jes. I cant wait, I'm counting down the hours. A third of the school appears to be leaving tommorow, which must be a bit of a worry grin. It proves the saying that a head can make (or in this case) break a school. Weekends are good for us. ds goes fencing on Saturdays but can only do this during term time as the club is dependant on a school gym and the caretaker can't be bothered to open it in the holidays hmm.

Hi veggiemummy. I'm free for the next 6 weeks so any time is OK. I may be after a victim lovely person to collect ds from littleover and feed him until 9 pm after October if you know anyone that has the patience of a saint. I might not go back though. I kept picking up bugs which wasn't very good. I know what you mean about the cafe, it's dire.

Hope you are both well. smile

Veggiemummy Thu 03-Jul-08 14:57:28

my son currently goes to nursery wed-fri from 8.30 - 12 so could comes to yours (sorry to just invite myself) if that would be easier for your son so you don't have to drag him out to a cafe or can do markeaton park on a sunny afternoon from 12md. we went to markeaton park today paid the 4 hour parking took the scooter out and just ot settled in for some scooting and playing when the heavens opened up DS was not impressed. Oh well did some shopping instead, everywhere seems to be on sale so got some good maternity clothes from that swedish place in the plaza.

AvenaLife Sun 27-Jul-08 22:20:57

Hi Veggimum. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, ds managed to get scarlet fever so I've been running around after him and I've got loads exam stuff to prepare for (I'm applying to do the GEM medical course at the city hospital). Ds is driving be bonkers so markeaton park sounds fab.

Veggiemummy Wed 30-Jul-08 15:20:48

oh gosh you poor thing, i have only ever looked after 1 kid with scarlet fever and that was ages ago. Good on you for applying for the course, sounds like you will be busy.

We have been quite busy too with a few days away here and there but DH goes away next week from weds so would be good for a meet up weds thurs or fri afternoon at Markeaton park.

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