Mum to a toddler, new to the area, does anyone want to meet for a coffee?

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HappyChickpea Tue 28-Mar-17 11:47:53

Hi everyone,

I have a 2 year old ( he's 3 in June) who attends La Petite nursery. I am new to the area (we moved to Littleover 2 months ago), but as I work full time and am currently living with the in laws I am feeling quite isolated - I left all my mummy friends when I moved sad
Don't want to sound desperate but if anyone ever wants to meet for a coffee please do let me know! Or, if anyone has any recommendations of where to take an errant toddler at the weekends and where I could meet other friendly parents, I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks so much xx

Nightpig Fri 14-Apr-17 15:17:35

Hi Happychickpea,

I found this on st.Peters church Website
See & Know (0-5's)
"Coming to church with babies/pre-school children? Bring them to the See and Know group (which meet in the Welcome area at the entrance of Church) where we enjoy playing with toys, craft activities, singing, refreshments and finding out more about God. You can leave your child with us or stay with them if you prefer. The service is relayed on a speaker into our area and we have a full view of the church." It's a friendly church, I live nearby but I haven't attended recently.

When my youngest was small I met a friend through meet a mum on Netmums, there must be other parents in the same position. I was feeling a bit isolated after my Mum passed away and I met a friend who had also lost her Mum and we had children of similar ages.

I would meet up but my children do activities at the weekend now and my youngest is 11.

All the best x

Nightpig Fri 14-Apr-17 15:28:25

Just found this on the lotsfortots website

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