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DitzyEyt Tue 14-Feb-17 15:16:48

Hi there!
Had my first scan yesterday so it's all feeling very real right now! This is my first child and I just wondered if anyone can recommend any antenatal classes/groups in Derby?

Thank you,

Beary88 Wed 22-Feb-17 19:51:45

Congratulations Ditzy! How exciting for you, we didn't really do any antenatal other than the NHS classes (2, 2 hours long if I remember correctly!) but lots of people do NCT groups. I think there are some antenatal yoga classes around, and something called Daisy Birthing, but I have no experience of any of them, other than seeing them advertised. The Lots for Tots (Derby) website has a link to the magazine and some times things are advertised there as well. Hope that helps, enjoy this special time, and rest when you can (speaks the mummy who didn't get much sleep for a year....!)

tracy606 Mon 20-Mar-17 08:43:53

Good morning,
There's a couple of Yoga classes that are ran by NCT leaders. I go to one in Little Eaton on a Wednesday evening @ 6pm. It's ran by a woman called Rebecca who is amazing.
Not only do you get the benefit of learning & doing yoga in pregnancy but she also teaches you relaxation techniques and gives you helpful tips to get through labour.

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