Window cleaner in Derby - please recommend!

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morewhippedcream Tue 03-May-16 00:24:54

I'm relatively new to the area and am having a real problem finding a window cleaner! Used one last year but they don't want to do it again as they only now service regulars who want a monthly clean - I don't need that and also I'm often out/travel and can't plan to be at home in advance. And the house is not in an area where it would get dirty that fast.

Another guy came recently to look but he works on his own and was overwhelmed by the sight of the conservatory - it's only a semi so it's not huge, but I'd prefer a couple of guys for speed (last co used three! - and it was fast).

House is easy to get to, not far from the centre. Please recommend someone who is good and preferably doesn;t just use 'poles' or whatever they are called (in the loft they need to be handwashed from inside). I've rang around the few I could find online but they are either too busy or don't asnwer/call back. There's not many at all online anyway.

Pleas either PM or advise on the thread! Thank you!

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