Meet up in Mickleover

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Annemarie1234 Wed 04-Nov-15 17:49:03

Hi everyone ,not having very much luck with a possible meet up in the area, I think that some threads are a bit old!.Anyway I have finally decided to relocate to Mickleover after much thought,so I thought that I would just put myself out there and see if anyone would care to meet up somewhere next week.I will have just my youngest Daughter with me she is 9,and I will just be around from the 9th-12th of November,it would be great to just speak to someone in the area.I am planning another look in the pastures estate as that is where I have chosen to live,also Im going to see the Mickleover Gymnastics club as my 2 Daughters are Gymnasts already.

derbyshiremeynell Wed 09-Dec-15 21:42:54

Hi, sorry you've not had a reply, I think net mums is used more frequently for local stuff. Hope you've got sorted.

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