Any new mums in the Ripley area?

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Stollie15 Wed 07-Oct-15 14:25:22

Hi everyone,

I'm a new mum living in Ripley wondering if there are any others that are looking for some company? DS is 3 months old and I'm new to the area so don't really know where to start. I'm finding the idea of turning up to a mother and baby group quite daunting but know I will have to do it at some point! Just looking for some friends in the same situation and would also like my son to have some other baby company lol. I have a car so am able to travel locally as well, so anyone in the local area would also be great to hear from you!

I'm loving spending my days with my little boy but must admit would be nice to have some adult company in the days when my other half is at work occasionally!

MummytoAlexa Wed 27-Jan-16 09:36:41

Hi! Did you find any good groups to join? I live in Codnor with my 3 month old girl, I've not ventured to the groups yet as I find it a bit nerve wracking! I don't know anyone around here, starting to feel a bit isolated! Missing adult company starts to have a funny effect after so long I'm sure you'll agree grin xxx

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