Ooh it's very quiet round here....

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Arion Fri 08-Nov-13 13:42:41

Cake cake?

See, you've got my attention now!

Hey Sybil, what happened to the testing at IKEA? Did we scare them off, when they'd actually seen us?! blush

MichelleDerby Wed 06-Nov-13 17:57:16

Cake? Yummy!

SybildeChocolate Thu 10-Oct-13 22:39:21

Cake? Did you say... cake? grin

motherofvikings Thu 03-Oct-13 20:41:14

Hello derby! smile

I'm the local ambassador for derby. I'm meant to be organising meet ups etc but the summer holidays and getting ds settled at school has kept me rather busy! smile

Anyone up for a meet up? Sure we can organise cake and coffee somewhere! cake brew

CassieDerby Fri 27-Sep-13 21:06:14


What do we do now? Have a chat?

MichelleDerby Fri 27-Sep-13 20:03:43

Oooohh I've got company!!! shock

Hello everyone!

Anniernewmum Fri 27-Sep-13 14:52:40


CassieDerby Fri 27-Sep-13 13:42:47

Oooh. People!!! Real, live local people!! Hello there.

It's only taken me 2 weeks to notice. I'll have start checking the local site more often.

SybildeChocolate Fri 13-Sep-13 19:15:24

grin Hahah!

See it more as blogging. You think you're talking to yourself, but in reality most of the internet is reading your stuff. wink

MichelleDerby Fri 13-Sep-13 13:03:34


My talking-to-myself Mumsnet Local thread is number 3 in the Mumsnet Active threads list!!!


MichelleDerby Fri 13-Sep-13 13:01:29

Here I am busy scampering around Mumsnet Derby trying to copy Bjork's freakish dancing and my posts keep not working properly.... Don't suppose it matters really as no one is around to read it (or join in with my dancing! wink)

MichelleDerby Fri 13-Sep-13 12:58:53

<RemindMe scampers around Mumsnet Derby trying to copy Bjork's dancing> grin

(I don't know what happened to my previous post- half of it disappeared!)

MichelleDerby Fri 13-Sep-13 12:53:22

<< RemindMe scampers around Mumsnet Derby trying to copy Bjork's dancing>>


At least there's no one around to give me strange looks! grin

SybildeChocolate Thu 12-Sep-13 20:38:14


MichelleDerby Thu 12-Sep-13 18:06:31

Ah well. I'll just carry on talking to myself till someone joins me.brewbrew

MichelleDerby Wed 11-Sep-13 17:03:52


Yep still echoey! grin

MichelleDerby Wed 11-Sep-13 12:22:17

It's so quiet round here it almost echoes......

Where is everyone?

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