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Pami9 Sun 24-Mar-13 20:48:28

My son is nearly 2yrs old, we are planning to move... dont know where yet. I have considered littleover and allestree. Please advice which area is good for living, has good school and nice community in Derby or near derby. confused

SybildeChocolate Thu 04-Apr-13 21:01:04

Hi Pami smile Lawn in Allestree is an amazing school, as are the ones in Littleover. Allestree is less expensive than Littleover but they are both as nice as each other. There's a large park in Allestree.

Pami9 Fri 05-Apr-13 10:47:17

Yes I have compared the house prices and Allestree is cheaper than Littleover. Do you know anything about the play groups in Allestree? or if there are many things for kids?
I live in Sinfin, and here is not much around sad

SybildeChocolate Fri 05-Apr-13 12:26:51

There's a huge park in Allestree and it isn't too far from Markeaton Park and there's loads to do in there (paint a pot, ducks, swings, miniature golf, paddling pool in the summer, farm, cafe's, stream train etc.) I think there's a play group in St John's church but I'll have to check on this. Ds and I have to go to Littleover on Monday so we'll see if there are any notices and get back to you.

They do hold an after school club there which collects from Lawn, Portway and Markeaton (Kedleston Road). Ds went to Markeaton Primary for a term and a half before I moved him into a private school (we were not impressed, put it that way).

The city centre is accessible from both Littleover and Allestree but the traffic from Littleover to the city centre is an absolute nightmare. There's now a bus lane on Kedleston Road (Allestree) which helps. There are parks in Littleover but not as nice as in Allestree (I must sound as though I'm biased, I'm really not and I don't live there). There's a row of shops in Littleover (Iceland, Post office, chip shop, take away, co-op, Barclays, a pub, wedding dress shop etc) and a small shopping arcade in Allestree (Co-op, post office, flower shop, cafe, charity shop, Natwest, health food shop, Farmfoods etc)


Pami9 Fri 05-Apr-13 13:31:02

Gosh!! you know allot about these places. Allestree sounds good from kids respect. We were thinking about private school as well but then its really expensive sad

SybildeChocolate Fri 05-Apr-13 14:06:59

We tested them all out in an attempt to find the right one for ds. Emmanuel on Kedleston Road was lovely, very churchy though but he was happy and it was wonderfully nurturing (and cheap!). I can send you a DM about the others if you want?

SybildeChocolate Fri 05-Apr-13 14:08:59

I lived in Derby for a long time, I'm just outside now as ds is at school in Nottingham and the school run is easier from here. I'm the local editor for both as I know both cities very well.

Pami9 Fri 05-Apr-13 14:28:56

yes please send me DM. By Local editor you mean on mumsnet?

SybildeChocolate Fri 05-Apr-13 14:43:43

Yup. I sort out all of the listings/meet ups/advertising etc. smile

Pami9 Fri 05-Apr-13 20:46:19

Cool !! smile

Nightpig Wed 24-Apr-13 14:05:17

The traffic to Allestree can be really bad, my brother lives there, If you're using the A38 to get to Allestree then there can be awful queues sometimes. I live near Burton Road and it's quite easy to get into town by bus or car, it gets busy at school run time as there are 3 secondary school in close proximity. Markeaton Park is easy to get to from Littleover by car.

Littleover has lots of Guide and Scout units, there are 2 good butchers, 2 charity shops, 2 beauty salons.

My eldest is in the final year at Littleover community, it's a fantastic school, my child was 'allergic' to Maths and always in the bottom set but has passed her GCSE and will go in for a higher grade in the summer and will be doing A levels. I'm not sure about Woodlands in Allestree, my brother's children got into Ecclesbuorne in Duffield even though they live in Woodlands catchment.

My partner grew up in Allestree and his brother lives there, there's a good pre school called Busy Bees close to Portway School. There are no nurseries attached to any of the Allestree schools, my niece attended the nursery at Walter Evans school in Darley Abbey and my 4 yr old niece attends Whitecross nursery which is off Kedleston road. I know a childminder in allestree and she attends play groups at Woodlands methodist church and St. Nick's.

Littleover has Littlesteps pre school at the Methodist on Burton road and King George Pre school, both are highly rated. Littlesteps gets very over subscribed because it's essentially the 'feeder' pre school for Wren Park Primary. Carlyle Infant school is lovely and has a nursery. St.Peter's Junior doesn't have such a good reputation but my eldest went there. My younger 2 attend Wren Park which is a very good school.

sherrymanan Mon 02-Feb-15 16:26:28

I stay at Derby and travel to Nottingham for work everyday by the red arrow bus service. I am looking at houses to live which are close to the city center but also have good primary schools in the catchment area. Any suggestions please?

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