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Ninjahobbit Fri 24-Aug-12 08:31:45

glad ds pc sorted mine would just give up on life without his confused

Ya not kidding about the diagnosis, five years of fighting but luckily I had the support of his school who could see through their own experience of him that he was 'extra special' and needed more than just extra support at school.

I am coping surprisingly well, although I do admit to getting every other week off from 4.30 on a saturday to 8pm monday, and the alternative weeks a couple of hours on the sat, sun and mon...also I get half the school holidays off too as I made exh have kids for half the school hols when we got divorced {this girl aint daft}

I find that most of the time its my ds himself who struggles to cope with it, self esteem, feeling different/isolated. I have been trying without success to find a group for him where he can meet like minded people {in controlled environment} I will wear the system down and get him what he needs grin Im too stubborn not too.

Yup ya can never get fed up of discussing snot, farts and other wonderful things that entertain kids

topping up the wine grin

Belledechocolate Thu 23-Aug-12 22:33:19

No, it's really close. I had to pop back last week for a dentist appointment, it felt as though I'd never been away.

I have loads of fun writing about farts and snot. grin It was a nasty trojan! It popped up, telling him his computer had been blocked by the met and that he needed to pay £100! shock Poor ds was terrified. We managed to sort it out though as mine was working (thank goodness for google!).

It's always time for wine It's a nightmare getting a child diagnosed, how are you coping?

Ninjahobbit Thu 23-Aug-12 13:01:13

Stapleford isnt too far away from derby grin

it sounds amazing writing childrens books and yes lots of fun.

Did you get virus removed, they are horrid horrid things.

is it time for more wine yet?

Belledechocolate Wed 22-Aug-12 11:49:44

I don't live in Derby any more, I moved to Stapleford in June to ease the cost of the school run (more money to spend on wine). It's just ds (age 13) and I. I used to work in the NHS, now I write children's books, it's far more fun. I'm just helping ds remove a virus off his laptop. {sighs}

Ninjahobbit Wed 22-Aug-12 10:11:05

hello belled smile

well I am an insane unbalanced geordie mum of a DS (11) and DD (10) so will very soon be locking myself in a padded cell.

I love anything that makes me laugh and am reasonably easy going but also can be hot headed on topics that I am very passionate about.

Moved to Derby 12 yrs ago to be with now EXH and stuck around as when I got divorced I was going through a very lengthy arsy difficult process of getting my son diagnosed with ADHD but also my kids needed something that didnt change and that meant the area.

Wine is good grin in fact when anyone asks me what Im drinking I say as long as its got alcohol in it I dont care.

I work in mental health....very apt for someone with no sanity dontchaknow

what about you? tell me about you too wine

Belledechocolate Wed 22-Aug-12 09:58:33

Hi Ninja, welcome smile Tell us a little about yourself. wine (I know it's early, but it is the school holiday)

Ninjahobbit Wed 22-Aug-12 09:40:24

Hi all,

Am new to this site and live in derby so thought Id say hi to all the Locals, will say hi to everyone else too but figured this a good place as any to start.

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