Aqua natal

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Shopaholic4ever Tue 03-Jul-12 15:15:22

Any one know of any Aqua Natal Classes in derby or around Derby!
I can't seem to find any!

Belledechocolate Tue 03-Jul-12 15:23:27

Hi smile Have you tried asking at Queens Leisure centre?

Shopaholic4ever Tue 03-Jul-12 15:55:57

Yes ive been told they've stopped doin it now! sad so really dont know any where else! X

Belledechocolate Tue 03-Jul-12 17:14:12

Morrways? (or it could be Moorways)?

Belledechocolate Tue 03-Jul-12 17:14:44

There's also a pool in Mickelover.

Shopaholic4ever Sun 15-Jul-12 17:31:46

Thankyou! Ive found some in long eaton x

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