Newly single mum seeks friends!!

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calp84 Thu 21-Jun-12 12:31:04

Hi everyone,
I have a 2 and a half year old son and I have recently split up with his dad, so Its now just me and my little man! As much as I love him, I seriously need some friends that I can meet up with, go out with and have some fun grown up time, as well as doing fun kiddy things. I live in Ripley and I've not lived here long so I'm feeling at a complete loss at the minute. If anyone is interested in meeting up and chatting or if you know of any local groups already, please do let me know, before I go insane!

GracieGirl Mon 09-Jul-12 16:28:23

Hello! I'm in Littleover so nowhere near really but wanted to bump your post so it got noticed again!
How's it going?
I have a 2.5year old DD and a 3 month old DS.

Have you tried the Lots for Tots website?

lowestpriority Sat 14-Jul-12 23:44:19

Hi I live in Ripley too.
Have you thought about enrolling your DS in a nursery? Denby & Marehay Preschool on Derby Road take funded 2 year oids and you get to meet the other mums there.
My DS currently goes there and everyone is really friendly.

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