Cypress Primary School becoming an academy.

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CronxyMum Sat 13-Aug-16 20:23:00

Apparently they are due to join the Pegasus trust which runs the Whitehorse schools. Anyone know about this or any thoughts about Pegasus in general?

We're due to start looking at schools soon and it seems like nearly all primarys in the North of the borough are academies. Can this be a good thing?

JohnLapsleyParlabane Fri 09-Sep-16 19:02:42

Really? That's our local school and I was really happy that it wasn't an Academy. (several years off needing schools though) . I've worked in LA schools and Academies and though I can't comment on Pegasus specifically, I disliked working for Academies.

CronxyMum Sat 10-Sep-16 18:49:46

According to the newsletter they are jumping before they're pushed after a second RI from Ofsted. It's a shame given how much local support there is for the school to remain a community school. Glad it's not Harris but don't know anything about Pegasus as a MAT.

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