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MummyMoo36 Sat 06-Feb-16 02:21:29


I'm just wondering if anyone has any recent stories about their antenatal care/labour here. I've had bad experiences at this hospital (in different departments) but as this is the first time I'm pregnant I was wondering what their maternity unit is like. I would hate my first time to be a bad experience but don't know if there's anywhere else I can go.

Thanks in advance. smile

babypeach Thu 24-Mar-16 15:56:42

I had my 1st there in 2010 and was not at all impressed in that they were far to busy to provide 1-1 care in labour however I had my second recently and experience was much better.
I was under the homebirth team (Crocus team) who were absolutely lovely but ended up going in for augmentation as my waters broke but my labour didn't start. At that point my care was handed over to labour ward midwives which worried me but actually it was fine-they listened carefully to what I wanted and were supportive in the right way.
Postnatally baby developed early onset jaundice so we ended up staying in for phototherapy and I was very impressed with midwives and paeds-everything was done efficiently and kindly and well explained. Very lucky with staff over a 4 day stay-they were aware I was on my own as hubby was with dd1 and helped to watch baby so I could pee etc lol. Very very busy but they still made time to help with feeding etc. Plus the crocus midwives visited too!
Postnatally at home had the lovely Crocus Midwives again who were wonderful and reassuring. If homebirth is something you can/would consider I would def ask to be referred.
Overall I was happy with my care
Best of luck!

Evascoming Thu 12-May-16 13:31:46

Hi. I had all of my 3 children at Croydon University Hospital (my youngest is 4 months old) and my experiences were all good (both with the antenatal care and births).

Jinxysbaby Mon 23-May-16 02:09:09

Iv had all 4 of my kids in.this hospital cause me nd baby dad Was born here I decided to have my last baby here even tho I now live in kent, my baby was due Feb 2015, omg worse mistake I did I was booked in for a c section got put to sleep when I woke up was in so much pain they would only give me oral painkillers so nothing strong. Didn't empty my urine at all in 24hrs didn't even help me to changed my pad as I couldnt move, that night they made me try to get up nd walk, I couldn't even sit up, hubby stayed the night, he had to empty the urine change my pad nd look after the Baby cause the pain I.was In, after not sleeping the whole night next Morning they come round to get me to walk, wouldnt help me, in the end I pushed tho the pain nd got up so I could get the fck out of there, after having my 4th c section nd going home was 30hrs, when asked why I wasn't getting strong pain relief was told if they would of gave me painkiller via injection I would of had to stay in longer, so they was trying to get me out of there. I'll never ever go bak to that place again p,s the microwave meals they call dinner is horrid

codandchipstwice Mon 23-May-16 13:53:36

I have had 3 children there and would have any more there too. Midwife unit (birth centre) is lovely - had pool for my youngest.

Postnatal care does leave some to be desired though, they clearly chuck all staff at labour and delivery and have few staff to help in aftercare - if you are not planning on staying long after and you realise this then fine but do not be surprised if you have to push and push and then discharge (or threaten to discharge) yourself to get signed off and go home.

Fzy2104 Thu 06-Oct-16 12:58:00


I had my son in April and I had to be induced and my experience was absolutely fantastic. They were brilliant and made sure my son was born safely.

I will be having my next one there too!!!

Photo4parents Thu 06-Oct-16 21:01:41

I recently had my second daughter at Mayday ( or CUH as they call it now) and due to some complications towards the end of pregnancy I ended up spending quite a few days at the antenatal ward there. I felt very well looked after, the staff were caring, empathetic and professional. Due to the same health issues, I was not able to give birth in the Birth Suite so it was Labour ward for me - again, my midwife and the doctors were amazing, supportive, funny and again hugely professional. I had a very good birth experience - in stark contrast to my firts birth which was anything but straightforward. The postnatal ward was busy, but we managed to book a single room which I really wanted. I'd say that compared to Labour and anyenatal wards, the post-natal one feels a bit battered and dated - I hope they get to refurb it soon. The only weak point for me was how long it took us to be discharged - I was told in the morning I'd be able to go home, and didn't actually make it out of there till 4pm. The care itself however was really very good.

Priya87 Thu 13-Oct-16 18:05:48

I had my daughter there in 2013 the martinity ward was brand new at the time. They looked after me well as I stayed there for a week due to loosing a lot of blood so I wasn't ready to go home yet.

Dixonwings Thu 13-Oct-16 19:22:08

I had my baby in Jan and my everything was a nightmare from my first scan onwards! If I eventually get over it all enough to have another it won't be there. I've heard good things about St Helier though.

Hbotpw Fri 14-Oct-16 09:04:07

I had my baby at CUH in Aug 2014 and it was a good experience in general, despite a failed induction and an emergency c-section. In general the midwives were brilliant and very caring. I was discharged less than 48 hrs after the op and have the smallest, neatest scar imaginable (despite giant baby).

On the other hand I have several friends who had babies at St Helier around the same time and had poor experiences such as placenta not being fully removed, swabs being left inside after c-section so having to be opened up again, doctors fainting during c-section (!)...

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