Kitchen suppliers on local area

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Zed4 Sat 23-May-15 11:48:47

Hi can any one advise?

We are having a new kitchen fitted and so far have looked at I am looking at Howdens, Magnet, Ikea and Wickes - all seem to have ok ranges but not sure about quality. Anyone got any experience of kitchens from these suppliers?
Does anyone know of any independent kitchen suppliers in Croydon, Merton, Surrey- we are not looking at luxury or custom made but something that might be better in terms of quality and range than the above suppliers?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!

merlottime Sat 23-May-15 12:19:10

Try Coulsdon Home Harware - nice units and fitting by sister company Signature Homes.

merlottime Sat 23-May-15 12:19:43

Should say 'hardware'!

SandersteadMum Mon 08-Jun-15 18:41:49

I found that Price Kitchens were very professional. We didn't go with them as it happens due to preferring the design given by another supplier that has since gone bust! Wish we'd gone with Price Kitchens - just off Purley Way behind the Aerodrome.

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