Allders / Croydon Village Outlet reopening as Zervo - what's it like?

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LocalEditorCroydon Thu 27-Nov-14 23:04:30

Tomorrow, Friday sees the reopening (again!) of the old Allders site as 'Zervo'. It would be great to hear from anyone who visits it, to see if they have done any better than Croydon Outlet Village.

Personally, I used to really like Allders but only went into Croydon Outlet Village 3-4 times and each time was worse than the previous visit. I really hope that Zervo will bring it back up to its previous high standards #fingerscrossed.

Do let us know if you visit the new store.

SandersteadMum Fri 28-Nov-14 10:41:22

Has anyone been in yet? I remember when the Croydon Village Outlet opened, the tills went down in the first hour so it would be interested if the current operators can do something as basic as run a shop.

mummytime2 Mon 29-Dec-14 16:25:41

Doesn't look like anyone has been in yet! I went past last week and there was a loud hailer or tannoy type thing with a "Bargains, Bargains" type message. I thought that it was supposed to be a bit more upmarket now.

Would love to hear from anyone who has actually been in!

WhatDoTheDogsThink Wed 31-Dec-14 22:17:23

I walked past yesterday but didn't go in.

I didn't realise it had changed hands. Based on a quick glance at the windows as I walked past it still looks like a seconds/bargain basement type store.

Would love for John Lewis to take it over. I know we have the little one on Purley Way but it would be nice to have a proper department store as the stock in the Purley Way branch is quite limited and I often have to order things online if I need to buy more than one of something and Croydon is lacking a really good haberdashery and a well stocked children's clothes department. Debenhams is ok if you need to dress a toddler but there are only a couple of racks that cater to boys aged 8 plus.

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