Warlingham School or Riddlesdown Collegiate

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SpeedwellBlue Mon 14-Oct-13 15:36:50

Hi, I wondered if anyone has any knowledge of these two schools. My dd is in year 5 and I want to find a school where she fits in, makes friends and is happy. She is reasonably academic. (4bs at the end of Year 4.) She is slightly geeky and a bit shy. Tends to have one or two good friends, rather than being very popular with lots of friends. She is a bit sensitive and not very pushy, but is happy enough at her primary school. Any idea whether someone like this would fit in at either of these schools? They both seem to be well run schools and when I have asked parents and children at the school they have tended to be very positive about them both. So I really want to work out where she would fit in and be happiest. Thank you.

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