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Sabze Tue 24-Sep-13 22:32:32

I would really like help with knowing which schools to select for reception places for next September intake. I live on the edge of ridgeway, Gresham and just outside the usual area of Atwood. I'm hoping we would get a place at ridgeway as my son is at the nursery. But assuming we get offered none of these, what other schools in the area are worth putting down? They are all quite a bit further away except for a church school, which I'm assuming would be a waste of an option as I'm not affiliated with any church.

Also for a very bright but very slow to warm up child, any tips or advice on which school might best suit him, also welcome.


SandersteadMum Fri 27-Sep-13 14:33:48

I think you do have to visit a range of schools to see which one would fit your child best. Often decisions are made on a 'feeling'. SATS scores and OFSTED don't really help that much in determining what would work for your child.

It is very much worth using all 6 choices (is it still 6?) because if you don't get one of those 3 schools you can hopefully avoid a school you don't want by using the extra choices.

I'm assuming you live close-ish to All Saints roundabout - in that case you are too far from the church schools, even if you had been attending church. Have you thought of Greenvale?

Hope it's not to stressful for you.

Sabze Sat 28-Sep-13 21:02:45

Thanks for the info, I'm just off the top end of sanderstead hill before the roundabout. I have visited ridgeway, Atwood and Gresham and liked ridgeway the best. Aside from that I think we are too far from greenvale judging by distances in the council brochure, so I'm left with purley oaks, selsdon, kenley, a new school in haling park and roke, as the next nearest schools that are non church ones. Not visited any of these but if anyone has kids at these it would be great to hear opinions or advice. I haven't visited any of these yet.

mummytime2 Mon 17-Nov-14 12:53:15

It's worth considering too what changes may be happening in the schools that you visit. For example, by the start of the next academic year, the current head teacher at Atwood in Sanderstead will have left. I guess you could ask whether there are any changes in the leadership team envisaged over the next year.

I remember being put off some schools due to some head teachers on the tours whilst thinking some teachers were great - I remember that the old head at Greenvale in Selsdon was particularly inspiring. I think the head teacher can set the tone for a school but I suppose few children go through their entire school journey without a change in head teacher.

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