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sbcrainbows Mon 20-May-13 11:13:56

Were you a Brownie or a Guide? Do you remember the fun you had? Is your daughter currently having a fabulous time in Girlguiding? Well, you can too by volunteering some of your time. There are Rainbow, Brownie and Guide groups all over Croydon and they would welcome whatever help you can give - from an hour or two now and again, to regular help every week.
For more information about Girlguiding, and to register your interest, see their website:
We look forward to meeting you smile

Dienna Thu 12-Dec-13 22:24:01

I (stupidly) registered my daughter on, over 6 weeks ago now and have not heard anything. Stupid, as it asks for child's name, date of birth and my address,, I am now in consultation with the Police, as I'm not sure if I've passed my details to! Especially as no one has contacted me,, so if any other mom is reading this, be aware, DO NOT REGISTER YOUR CHILD'S DETAILS ON I did it in good faith, then thought about it after! :/ good job we're moving shortly huh!

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