Girls night in!

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lovetemplespa Mon 19-Nov-12 14:32:58

Does anyone like the idea of getting together with 6-8 friends and hosting a Skin Therapy Class? If you can't get to the Spa then by hosting a class you can Spa wherever you are! You invite your friends, I come and teach you all have to have a gorgeous facial using Temple Spa products. You get to use these beautiful skin care and beauty products - it's the ultimate try before you buy! There is no charge for the facial or the class - it's an opportunity for you and your friends to enjoy a treatment and then look at the Temple Spa range of products, you'll also receive skin care advice and tips and a beautiful gift just for hosting (as well as the facial). So if you're looking for a lovely time with your friends maybe in the morning with coffee or evening over wine then please contact me and we can arrange a date. A brilliant way to get together with the girls and get ready for the party season! Check out the reviews on Mumsnet for Repose and Skin Truffle or message me for more details. x

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