Asians mums from sub continent

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Ambrina912 Tue 28-Aug-12 16:47:51


I am still looking for Muslim mums to come forward and introduce yourself. Finding it hard to get Amy reply, so far just one reply. Come one girls, let's try a lil harder. Hope to see lots of your here. No offence to any other culture ,cast, Color or religion. Anyone is welcome .


SilverSixpence Thu 30-Aug-12 11:28:45

Salam Ambrina, I'm going to be moving to Penge in 2 weeks. Not that close to Croydon, but about half an hour on the tram smile You can PM me if you want to meet up.

Yaz23 Wed 12-Sep-12 23:05:54

Hey there! Im muslim too and would love to meet other muslim mums or non muslim. im yasmine(yaz) and is 24 this yr with a 8.5 month old daughter. Im looking for other mums to be friends with and babies of similar age as mine. i live in south norwood. looking forward to hearing from you. smile

PetiteMum Sat 23-Feb-13 22:55:55

Salams, we live in Merstham and I'm finding it hard to make new friends. Is there a place for meeting sisters? Any activities or groups? We're not too far from. Croydon,...

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