Young mums in & around Croydon :-)

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Raychel18 Sat 16-Jun-12 21:51:27

Im 18 and I live in Catford in Lewisham, my little boy is called Jalen and he is 5 months! I would love to meet other young mums and make some friends for Jalen! x

TashaCribben Tue 15-May-12 13:57:00

Hello! My name is Tasha, I'm 21 & I have a daughter called Ameliah who is just over 8 months old. We have recently moved to Croydon & I'd really like to meet other young mums & to make some little friends for Ameliah too :-)
I hope there are some mummy's out there who are up for meeting up :-)
Look forward to hearing from & hopefully meeting you soon smile
Tasha x

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