Childcare for 11 years and up

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Sasamorriss Sun 15-Jan-12 21:04:56

Hi all

My names Sara, I currently work in childcare anywhere from 3months - 11years, however lately I've been trying to do some research into childcare for when the children go into year 7, I've had a lot of parents express their concern to me, asking what am I going to do now?? And my answer is always I'm sorry I don't know of anywhere in the Croydon area or wallington area (the places I work) that offer this service, maybe there is but not that I've come across as of yet!

I would like to know would anyone here be interested in a service that would be like a after school club but for secondary age children, collection from school til say 6:30

Do you feel there is a lack of this kind of service?

What would you expect to be included in this service?

Please note I don't offer this kind of service, I'm just doing some research into it

Thankyou in advance for any input given

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