Can anyone recommend a good state Primary School in South Croydon?

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SJG83 Wed 02-Nov-11 19:12:20

Hello, Is there anyone out there who can recommend a good state primary school in the south Croydon area?

I have been to visit 3 so far, St. Peter's, Ridgeway and Park Hill infants. I liked all 3 but would really like to hear from mums who know more about the schools in the Croydon area, either these 3 or any others you might want to recommend.

Thanks x

SoupDragon Wed 02-Nov-11 19:38:55

I've been more than happy with Ridgeway but it depends if their teaching style suits you and your child.

You need to go with your gut instinct and also consider whether you are likely to get in based on your address.

SJG83 Wed 02-Nov-11 19:53:25

Thanks. My instinct would be to go with Ridgeway plus my daughter is already at the nursery but I am worried that we might be just out of the catchment so I am looking at others schools on that basis, but also to compare.

Do you know if the council will take the fact that she goes to the nursery into consideration?

SoupDragon Thu 03-Nov-11 07:37:35

No, being at the nursery will make no difference at all I'm afraid.

"catchment" varies from year to year. I have friends who live over in the Croham area who got in and others who live near Sanderstead roundabout who didn't. In different years, obviously!

SJG83 Thu 03-Nov-11 09:53:22

Thanks you! I live very close to St. Peter's so I will have to see what happens.

irismom Tue 29-Nov-11 19:16:21

hello.. do you anything about Regina coeli catholic school.. parkhill, st. peters and ridgeway comes in my choice too, but my neighbours dint get into parkhill last yr and year before and st peters are out of bus way, so looking for more options.. plz help

AngelEyes46 Sat 25-Feb-12 17:21:36

My newphews go to Regina Coeli and really pleased with it. RC school so need a letter from the church. Ridgeway does not feed into a school (as yet) but a lot of the children from there go to RC senior schools. St peters (at the moment) has links with Harris-Purley (although some of the children go to eitehr St Andrew's or Tenison's). Not sure about Park Hill.

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