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Twocat Sun 06-Nov-11 23:00:42

Thanks again to everyone for the responses!
Great to hear that it's a good place. I'm very excited to explore all this woodland!
Shame about the cafe/pub thing. I do like a nice cappucino after all that walking and duck feeding! smile
I must say part of the decision to move to mayfield rd was ridgeway primary, so hopefully it won't be too heavily oversubscribed! I guess that's what an outstanding ofsted does too though!
Thanks again. X

SoupDragon Sat 05-Nov-11 16:34:00

There are no pubs in Sanderstead because the land was owned by Quakers. It's a restrictive covenant, apparently.

Lacuna Sat 05-Nov-11 13:31:03

Sanderstead is lovely, and great for families. I live just opposite the pond where SGVB feeds the ducks smile. Loads of green spaces as Soupy mentions. Transport is good - easy to get to Croydon for shopping and restaurants and only 15 mins into Victoria from the station.

The only things that Sanderstead really misses is a couple of decent pubs or cafes - there's nothing really, which is a big shame especially as Sanderstead village is full of young families. Not even a cafe in Waitrose!

Wettern Tree Gardens used to be my 'secret' when I was little smile. My grandparents lived right next door to Purley Beeches and I used to spend hours in there, loved it!

I know that Ridgeway has an excellent reputation - it's one of the reasons people move to the area. My son goes to Gresham, so I don't know Ridgeway from personal experience but it's always been a good school.

SoupDragon Sat 05-Nov-11 12:00:51

Oh yes...Ccoombe Woods has a lovely cafe too.

inhibernation Fri 04-Nov-11 22:45:10

Yeah sorry - Haling Grove.

OP - do you drive? If so, Coombe Wood is nice as well - and Coombe Lodge has a great beer garden if your kids like kicking a ball about. Both are on Coombe Lane, just past Lloyd Park in South Croydon.

SolidGoldVampireBat Fri 04-Nov-11 09:56:42

Sanderstead is very pretty and has a rather villagey feel. DS and I sometimes go to the park and feed the ducks on the green by the church (we live the other side of Croydon, near Waddon). There's a nice big Waitrose there too grin and plenty of buses to Croydon.

SoupDragon Fri 04-Nov-11 09:52:27

Purley Beeches is ice, its out the back of Wettern Tree Garden. Actually, there are a surprisingly large number of wooded areas/ancient woodland in Croydon. Further afield are Little Heath Woods and Bramley Bank Nature reserve in Selsdon/Ballards Farm, Seldson Nature reserve, Kings Wood over towards Warlingham. Sanderstead Plantation up the top bordering Addington Road is a little wooded oasis too.

SoupDragon Fri 04-Nov-11 09:46:04

I haven't heard good things about Purley Oaks Primary. Then again, my views are based only on the people who transfer out midyear into Ridgeway so they will be biased.

The park is Haling Grove rather than Haling Park isn't it? I think Haling Park is what Whitgift School often shows up on maps as smile The park is nice though, just had new play equipment in, as has the one near the railway bridge on Sanderstead Road I think. Reasonably new anyway.

Twocat Fri 04-Nov-11 09:37:10

Hi, thanks for the responses! Great to hear positive things.
I had a drive around the other day and discovered wettern tree garden and croham hurst woods! Wonderful! The area seems to have a good feeling about it. Fingers crossed!
Yes, ive read good things about ridgeway primary. Does anyone have any experience of purley oaks primary? Not as good an ofsted, but personal experience is always good.
Thanks again x

inhibernation Thu 03-Nov-11 17:43:55

Haling Park is within walking distance too (off St Augustines Ave). It's lovely in the summer.

SJG83 Wed 02-Nov-11 19:27:18

I used to live on mayfield rd and I really like the area (still living not too far at the mo).
There is a little park not too far from sanderstead train station and there are a few nice shops up on sanderstead high street. As for restaurants there isnt that much but you wont be far from south croydon where there are lots.
I think it's safe, i lived on mayfield rd for over a year and we were fine (just me and my daughter).
As for schools, ridgeway has just had an outstanding Ofsted report and it would be in your catchment if you moved around there. I am looking at schools at the moment so can't be much help personally but i have only heard good things about Ridgeway.
Good Luck x

Twocat Tue 01-Nov-11 14:15:22

hi there, I'm thinking of moving from sydenham to sanderstead, mayfield rd near the station. I have 2 young kids, 3 yrs and 5 months.
I just wondered what it's like there? If anyone has any advice/experience of the area? Schools/nurseries. Parks, restaurants. is it safe? Is it fun?
Thanks x

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