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Elly4 Thu 06-Oct-11 16:53:34

Hello Mumsnet!

I am a third year undergraduate currently studying Geography at University. As part of my final year studies I am investigating the Italian community in London.

For my project I have created a questionnaire and I would be very grateful if anyone could spare 10 minutes to complete it and help me with my research.

To answer, you must meet this criteria……
• Live in London
• Be:1st generation Italian (you are an Italian immigrant to the UK)
2nd generation Italian (your parent/s are Italian immigrants to the UK)
3rd generation Italian (your grandparent/s are Italian immigrants to the UK)

Here is the link: www.kwiksurveys.com?s=OKIOJH_8fa4c325

Please be assured that all results will remain anonymous. and that the questionnaire is solely for use in my final year dissertation project and the subsequent results will not be used for any other purposes

Please help if you can, I need 300 responses and so far have 30!

Thank you

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