anyone live on/near downlands road?

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Doubb Mon 03-Oct-11 15:16:57

hello, our bb just turned 6 month and we are looking to relocate to Purley, as we love Purley! We saw a property on Downlands road, fell love with it when we were viewing it, but when we got out the house and walking down the street, we clearly heard someone screaming from a flat across the street! After some research on the internet, we found out it is a care home for elderlies with mental disorders. so i wonder there is anyone who is living nearby, whether bothered by this care home? i do love the property but not sure whether we should buy it, as the daily screaming... Any advice is appreciated!

BigBlueBear Sat 29-Oct-11 16:20:19

I live on the other side of Purley, ie. north of Tesco, but I often wander round with my pushchair and have always found that road to be quite quiet. It is a bit of a cut through at rush hour though, so I'd go back and have a look at different times of the day if that kind of thing bothers you.

To be honest, there's always going to be something that isn't quite perfect, so if you love the house, then go for it!

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